Stay Strong V5 Disc Only Frame 2024 Chameleon/Silver


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Stay Strong BMX Frame V5 2024

We kept the stiffness (BB86 and oversized seat-tube/downtube/bottom bracket junction), the winning race geometry (if it works, don’t fix it) and the ‘Stay Strong’ look… but then added a few little tweaks.

The main addition being the Bespoke Race DVSN Dropout and 5 point drop out system, which fixes the inserts and disc hanger to the frame for both ease of use and stiffness. The custom drop out allows for a taller seat stay, which in turn adds to a stiffer and wider back end.The rear access chain tensioners also make it super simple to adjust your wheel when needed.


The new V5 is our most technically designed and tested race frame yet. The new additional design features, whilst still incorparating the triple and double tubing, tapered headtube, smooth welds and the To The Line bottom bracket. (BB86)

With every new new frame come new and improved water decals and logos. With the V5 being no exception… Welcome to the ‘Sty SRG Code’. The other obvious diffrence is the fad out color schemes, giving you not one but two colors per frame. The V5 is our best looking and performing frame to to date.

“It feels like we’ve upgraded to our best frame yet. The new bigger drop out has increased the overall stiffness of the frame, you actually feel the frame following your pedals straight out of the gate. With everything fixed to the frame, changing gearing or tyres is so easy as well”. Mattia Furlan (Elie team rider/manager)


Our new The Bespoke Race DVSN Dropout and 5 point drop out system, brings three additional elements to the V5.

1.Stiffer/wider back end.

2.Easy access to your back wheel/disc hanger, all of which is fixed to the frame.

3.It looks f**king cool!

Our drop outs are available with both 10mm & 15mm inserts. 10mm as standerd, and a custom 15mm thru axle kit available for anyone who wants to run a 15mm rear hub. (TI options also available)

*Race DVSN Dropouts are on Pro sized frames only. Expert will have the existing closed dropout.

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